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DuBois Lanes Adult Leagues 

The DuBois Lanes offers a variety of leagues for men, women and a combination of both. If you have any questions please feel free to call at 814-371-0344.

Mens Leagues: Litts Club (Monday 6:00 pm) and Owens-Brckway (Thursday 6:15 pm)

Womens Leagues: Domestic Engineers (Monday 10:00 am), Friendship (Monday 6:15 am),

Party Animals (Tuesday 9:30 am), Physical Fitness (Tuesday 12 noon), Beverage (Tuesday 12:15 pm), Cloverleaf (Wednesday 6:00 pm), Beeliner (Wednesday 6:15), Thursday Morning League (Thursdays 10 am).


Mixed: Mixed Couples (Sunday 6:15 pm), Scottys Donuts (Monday 9:00 pm), Industrial (Tuesday 6:15 pm), Gold (Wednesday 9:00 pm), Sportsman's (Friday 6:30)                                                             


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